China Fisher Group Limited

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

VISION To be a world leader in the sourcing, processing, distribution and sales of seafood products, providing millions of people throughout the world with a natural source of healthy protein every day.

MISSION To secure access to under-utilised and abundant ocean resources to meet the growing nutritional needs of consumers worldwide.

To offer world class seafood products of the highest quality and safety, while remaining firmly committed to the sustainability of seafood resources and the environment.

CORPORATE PROFILE Listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange since 2006, China Fishery is a global industrial fishing company with access to fish in some of the world’s most important fishing grounds, including the Anchovy fishery in Peru.

Employing the latest catch and processing solutions, China Fishery sources, harvests, onboard-processes and delivers high quality catch to consumers the world over. China Fishery is also one of the world’s leading producers of fishmeal and fish oil through its processing plants located strategically along Peru’s coastal areas.

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